Vertical Mill Bearing Replacement

Guide: The bearings of the vertical mill have extremely serious effects on the assembly and use of the machine, so when there is serious wear, it needs to be replaced in time, but the frequent replacement is also the case for production. Extremely unfavorable, then what is the cause of this phenomenon?

Bearings for the vertical mill, it bears most of the weight of the machine, its operation has a very important impact on the work of the equipment, so the failure of the bearing in production will have a greater impact, we need to carry out regular Maintenance, to prevent the occurrence of faults, and when the vertical mill is used, it is necessary to carry out regular inspections and find that the wear is severe, and replace it to avoid major impact on production, but sometimes there will be frequent replacement, in the end What caused it?

Consequences of bearing problems

Let us first introduce what kind of problems will occur if there is a problem with the bearing during production. We know that it is the main accessory used to assist the transmission of the transmission parts and reduce friction. If it is damaged, the vertical grinding machine The entire grinding roller assembly of the machine will be in a paralyzed state, losing the transmission capacity, and the cost of replacing it will be more, so beware of its damage.

Bearing damage needs to be replaced

Generally speaking, in the production, the bearing damage may need to be replaced, which is mainly caused by the following reasons: The first is that the installation is not in place, because the component itself is a precision device. When installing, be sure to avoid bumping, squeezing, excessive force, etc. Otherwise, it will crack, deform, and then it In the vertical mill, almost all the transmission work is carried out. This high-strength working environment is very easy to cause damage and deformation, so the installation process is a situation that needs attention.

Secondly, the lubrication situation, reasonable lubricant and lubrication cycle can reduce the impact on the bearing life during the production process, so it must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the operating instructions given when the vertical mill is shipped. In order to achieve the effect of delaying the service life and reducing the frequency of replacement, this is also a very important aspect. The choice of lubricant should be based on the working environment of the vertical mill and the climate conditions. Avoid the effects of lubrication on the environment;

In the process of work again, the customer is in an overloaded state in order to pursue the output in a single way. At this time, the damage to the bearing is great because the friction causes the bearing part of the vertical mill to generate heat. Fast, the temperature is too high, this time it has a large force, so when working, there will be deformation problems, so be sure to prevent overloading;

The article mainly introduces the problems of the vertical mill's bearing in the work, the frequent replacement phenomenon is caused by what factors, the above first introduced the frequent replacement, it will affect the impact, and then introduced three aspects caused frequent replacement The reason, when using, we must strictly follow the operating specifications of the vertical mill, in order to obtain better production efficiency.

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