Precautions For The Use Of The Vertical Mill Process

Guide: The vertical mill process will be affected by the weather when it is used, and its impact will be different in different seasons. In order to ensure its smooth working process, it is necessary to pay attention to the process of its use in different seasons. The main analysis is the use of the thunderstorm season, which needs attention.

When using the vertical mill process, it is necessary to pay close attention to the impact of the weather. Therefore, in different weather conditions, different measures need to be taken to reduce the impact on production. Here, the main thing is the thunderstorm weather. In the use of the machine, the machine needs to pay attention to the problem.

Vertical Mill Mining Equipment

Since the vertical mill mining equipment is made of steel material, when it rains, it will rust. If it is not treated in time, it will affect the operation, making it slow. Inefficiency and other phenomena, in general, in the thunderstorm season, the main issues to be aware of are the following:

1. Apply a layer of waterproof paint to the appearance of the equipment, which can effectively isolate the influence of external humid air, prevent the occurrence of rust, and then apply lubricant to the equipment in the vertical mill process. The purpose of this is to Some parts will be rusted after the rain, this time lubrication can play a role in protection, and can also prevent the occurrence of speed reduction;

2. For the inspection and protection of the motor and power cord, the motor is a very core equipment in the vertical mill process. If it rains, it will be damaged and cannot be operated, so it cannot provide sufficient operation for the start-up operation of the production line. Driving force, then for the wire, the waterproofing of the junction box should be done. In addition to the damage of the wire, it will affect the operation of the machine. There is also a situation where the water is conductive, which is extremely disadvantageous for the safety of the staff. , so the adoption of security measures is also very important;

Vertical mill process

In addition, in the thunderstorm weather, the use of the vertical mill process, the problem that needs to be paid attention to is the progress of the protection work. Generally, the parts are thoroughly inspected to see if they are damaged or aged. If you need to deal with it in time, you can ensure the smooth progress of production. For those places where the paint is damaged, it is necessary to make up the paint in time to avoid the mold and rust of the parts, and also pay attention to the inspection of the seal. These work are all For the device to run better.

The article mainly introduces the precautions for the use of the vertical mill process in the thunderstorm season. Because the equipment is prone to rust in the rainy weather, there will be aging and other phenomena, which are extremely unfavorable for production. In view of this situation, it is necessary to inspect and maintain it, reduce the impact of the weather on it, and ensure its smooth working process.

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