Maintenance Process Of Limestone Vertical Mill

Detailed explanation of the maintenance process of limestone vertical mill

Guide: In the process of vertical mill production, it is very likely that damage will occur, which will cause trouble for our production. At this time, we have to carry out maintenance, so that the grinding equipment can be resumed and the project can be carried out.

Milling equipment and crusher equipment are of the same nature. They are mining machines with very harsh working conditions. They will encounter some faults during their work, which will make the machine work normally. Failure is a common phenomenon in mechanical equipment, but how to repair it is not an easy project.

At work, the limestone vertical mill wears heavily. Its wear will lead to unqualified production quality, and in severe cases, the particle size of the finished product will be too large, leading to the appearance of waste. When worn, the milling equipment combines both extrusion wear and jet wear. Extrusion wear occurs primarily on the milled parts, while jet wear is primarily due to the fact that the parts inside the mill are subjected to jets of airborne dust. According to different wear phenomena, we have different solutions.

In order not to affect the work of the mill, to avoid delays in the production process, we must always overhaul it. During the inspection, the main roller shaft and the lower part of the soft joint seal should be carefully inspected. The inspection machine is also used to inspect and maintain the classifier and the grinding liner to ensure the reliability of the vertical mill operation and reduce the hazard of wear to the vertical mill. From this point of view, overhaul is also an important task. After the maintenance, we can know the seriousness of the accident and the main points of the maintenance, which is convenient for the staff to recover it.

Of course, for the operator, the frequency conversion speed of the main fan should be adjusted according to the actual situation during operation. The pressure drop of the mill, the negative pressure of the grinding, and the negative pressure of the grinding can reflect the amount of wind and the speed of the wind. When the pressure drop is large or the negative pressure is large, it means that the wind speed is large or the air volume is large; otherwise, the opposite is true. In the work, pay attention to the change of parameters, the parameters represent the working condition of the machine, and the stable parameters indicate that the running state of the machine is stable and the working conditions are good.

If the user wants to extend the life of the mill, there is a requirement for its manufacturing materials. The lining plate in the vertical mill housing, the rotor blade of the classifier and the stator blades are all made of composite wear-resistant steel plates. The guarantee of the material will also guarantee the user's service life.

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