Impact Crusher Installation And Commissioning

Precautions for installation and commissioning of impact crushers

Guide: First, share the precautions when installing the impact crusher. The impact crusher should be installed on the reinforced concrete foundation. The foundation height, depth and area should be calculated separately according to the local soil conditions. The base surface is required to be straight, the intersection of the body and the foundation shall not be ashed, and the anchor bolts shall be tightened repeatedly.

There should be enough space in the lower part of the foundation to install the transport equipment and equipment for maintenance. The shock-absorbing material should be filled between the counter-break and the foundation. The motor position can be arranged left and right, and the conventional product is on the right side of the main unit. When installing, replacing or adjusting the counter-breaking plate hammer, attention should be paid to the weighing of the plate hammer. The weight difference of the symmetrical position plate hammer should be controlled to the smallest possible state to ensure the balance of the rotor operation. In addition, according to the layout of the production line, the direction of the feed and the direction of discharge should be determined during the installation process. If the feed direction is opposite to the normal flow operation, it will cause great production troubles.

Secondly, share the precautions for the trial run of the impact crusher. Preparation for commissioning: Check and confirm that there are no other items or materials in the crusher. Check that all fastening parts are securely locked. Check for proper amount of grease in the bearing. Check for any blockage or jam at each of the movable pins and apply a proper amount of grease. Check that the clearance between the counter lining and the rotor meets the requirements.

When the impact crusher is under load test, before starting the motor test, it can be manually rotated to confirm that there is no abnormal sound and then load the test. The empty load test must follow the principle of continuous after jogging, and confirm that there is no abnormal sound and then test the load again. The machine is required to run smoothly during dry running without abnormal vibration and noise. The continuous running test runs for no less than 2 hours, the bearing temperature is stable, and the temperature rise does not exceed 30 буC.

After the impact loader's empty load test is normal, the load test operation can be performed. The continuous test run time is not less than 4 hours. Feeding: It should be uniformly fed continuously by the feeding device and distributed on the whole length of the working part of the rotor, which not only ensures the production capacity, but also avoids the phenomenon of blocking and boring, and prolongs the service life of the machine. The electrical control system of the feeding device should be interlocked with the electrical control system of the crusher. When the crusher is overloaded, the former can automatically cut off the power supply and stop feeding. Crusher stop: Before each stop, the feed should be stopped. After the material in the crushing chamber is completely broken, the power supply can be shut down. After the load test operation is completed, the tightening of all the coupling bolts, the anchor bolts, the positioning of the hammers, and the fixing of the lining plates shall be checked and necessary adjustments shall be made.

The above is the precautions for the installation and trial operation of the impact crusher, users must remember.

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