Impact Crusher Impact Plate

European version of impact equipment impact board plate

The impact plate is the most frequently purchased accessory among the many accessories of the European version of the impact device. Since the impact plate is commonly used to crush the material and directly contact with the material, the damage rate is high and the replacement is frequent. Therefore, when purchasing the Shanghai European version of the impact device impact board, you should pay attention to the performance of the impact board and the long-term use time. Here are some points to consider when choosing a impact.

Material selection

When selecting the European version of the impact device impact, the material is considered. To use the specific conditions (the nature of the broken material), select materials with relatively high wear resistance or high service life. At present, the most common market is high-strength steel, alloy cast iron, chrome steel and rubber. However, the high strength has high impact resistance and wear resistance, and it can also become harder and wear-resistant after being impacted, so it is the most widely used.

Impact resistance

The impact has the appropriate toughness to resist the impact, which also ensures that the safety and reliability of the liner during the work is the most important. Therefore, when purchasing the impact board, the European version of the impact equipment manufacturer should ask clearly, understand the performance, and then make the correct choice.

Expense investment

The impact is the core equipment of the equipment. Although there is no investment in equipment, it is the cost of the parts. When purchasing, in addition to the production cost of the lining itself, we must also consider the installation cost, replacement lining fee, labor costs, consumption of auxiliary materials and so on.

Precautions in impacting equipment impact production

Due to its unique advantages, the cobblestone European version of the anti-breaking equipment is widely used in the crushing and sand making of mines. The impact is the main component of the cobblestone European version of the counter-breaking equipment. This article mainly introduces the cobblestone European version of the impact equipment impact. Precautions in board production.

impact selection

The manufacturing material of the impact plate is the core factor that determines the wear resistance and service life of the impact plate. Therefore, when selecting the impact plate, it is necessary to select the impact plate made of wear resistant material. On the other hand, it should also be considered whether the loading and unloading of the impact plate is convenient, because after working for a period of time, the part of the cobblestone European version of the impacting device impact plate may have serious wear and tear, and the component cannot be carried out according to the ideal condition, then it is required Adjust it in time, so the structure of the impact should be easy to handle.

Rational deployment

After long-term wear and tear, the impact will break the original balance state, which will cause problems such as unstable operation and high vibration of the cobblestone European version of the impact device. At this time, the scientific method is used to rationally allocate. On the other hand, in the cobblestone European version of the impact device impact plate and material impact process, the hammer is not allowed to fly away from the rotor, otherwise the impact plate fastening will cause other mechanical failure, so the production of the counter-board should be guaranteed .

Reduce wear

The wear of the cobblestone European version of the impacting device impact is inevitable, but it is very important to improve the metal utilization rate of the impact plate. A counterweight plate with a certain weight should be made of the smallest quality, that is, a reasonable selection of the impact plate. Shape and space size. On the other hand, in order to reduce the wear of the impact, it is necessary to make full use of the energy of the rotor and increase the crushing ratio of the equipment to improve the service life of the impact.

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